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Big 5 Personality Quiz – Soul Meet

Big 5 Personality Quiz

I am the life of the party

I find it easy to understand abstract ideas

I do not usually make a mess of things

I often have a lot to say

My mood doesn't change much

I feel others emotions

I am full of ideas

I often feel concern for others

I feel comfortable around people

I do not usually feel blue

I have a soft heart

I understand things quickly

I follow a schedule

I am always prepared

I do not insult people

I find abstract ideas interesting

I rarely/never forget to put things back in their proper place

I like to draw attention to myself

I do not get irritated easily

I do not get stressed out easily

I pay attention to details

I start conversations

I do not get upset easily

I take time out for others

I spend time reflecting on things

Have a rich vocabulary

I do not worry about things

I am interested in listening to other people's problems

I have a great imagination

I never avoid my responsibilities

I am not quiet around strangers

I talk a lot

I have a vivid imagination

I get chores done right away

I talk to a lot of different people at parties

If a feel certain way I will feel that way for a long time

I make people feel at ease

I am interested in people

I like to be the center of attention

I am not easily disturbed

I am very interested in other people

I use difficult words

I am very particular about how I do my work

I do not leave my belongings around

I sympathize with others feelings

I have excellent ideas

I like order

I like the spotlight

I rarely/never feel down